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Please direct Inquiries to:

Kara Helmke, Program Director

Mailing Address:


UCSF MC 2240 GH N421

600 16th St.

San Francisco, CA 94158-2517

Phone: 415-514-4878

Fax: 415-514-4242

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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UCSF 2007 Finalist Celebration! YEAH!


Our program survives through community support.

We need your help!


Whether you are a biotech company, other corporation, a foundation or simply a private donor, you can help us in a variety of ways:


Financial Support


We'd hate for our students to pass on this experience because they need to work elsewhere for financial reasons. Because of this, and because they deserve it, we provide them with modest summer stipends. This is the most significant cost of our program. Of course, we can only take as many students as we can afford.  Your financial support can sustain and expand our reach in the community!


In Kind Donations


If you are unable to provide direct financial support, we would still benefit from several types of in-kind donations:

  • Molecular Biology Supplies, Technologies or Services:  Whatever supplied you have on hand, from common reagents to pipettes or tips, chanced are we can benefit greatly from them.  The same goes for various technologies (thermal cyclers, power supplies, centrifuges, etc.). Your support can really improve our work in the lab!  
  • Computing:  Part of our project relies on computer modeling, analysis and cataloguing.  We have very few computers for the students--and we would also benefit from relevant software. 
  • Jamboree related (Airfare, hotel stays and t-shirts):  A significant part of our costs involves getting to and staying in Boston.  If you can provide us with discounts or vouchers for airfare and hotel stays, this would be a huge help. 

If you think you can help us in any of these ways, please  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  us or visit the contact page 



Special Thanks to our 2014 iGEM Team Sponsors!





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